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Sterlizers using world class technology – Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO-UVC)

Fight corona or any virus to 100% - worlds latest technology using PCO-UVC ( photo-catalytic oxidation process)

How it works

UV rays when strike on chemical coating of Tio2 and other chemicals produces super oxides which get converted to OH and H2O2 using atmospheric moisutre.

Double action for irradiating virus start from here.

UVC kills all virus which comes in the straight line of it and rest of the hidden or viruses in the shadow areas are killed by H2O2 ions and additional benifits are that all volatile organic gases are removed or absorbed by OH negative ions thus making atmosphere free from all viruses and pathogens and on the top VOC which create smell and headache and skin itching.

Robotic sterlizer is a perfect unit to use it with remote and take it to any place where human cannot go easily or at the places where there are danger of getting infection . This unit can be operated remotely. Fitted with camera to guide you the path. Fitted with chemical coated PCO plates etc.

Other units in this family of PCO UVC are

Box type for removing virus from currency, keys, or any mettalic or any substance which can be kept in the box for 4-6 minutes for 100% removal of virus.

Filing cabinet with similar technology for removing virus from files etc. Best bet for schools, offices, colleges etc.

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